Lowertown Ballpark Design and Construction Committee

4-8-13 BREAKOUT LOWERTOWN 1 - croppedThe Lowertown Ballpark Design and Construction Committee (LBDCC) was established in July 2012 to provide a forum for community input throughout the design and construction process.  The committee’s focus is to ensure that the ballpark enhances the historic and artistic character of the neighborhood and to maintain a livable and economically viable neighborhood throughout the construction process and after the ballpark is operational.

The 15-member committee is comprised of residents and business representatives from Lowertown and nearby areas.  Committee members applied for their positions and were appointed by the District 17 Community Council.  The Capitol River Council oversees the committee.

The LBDCC has already influenced the design and will continue to play an important advisory role as the CHS Field project team completes the design, communicates construction activity, and begins ballpark operations.  So far, the project team is addressing or has addressed several issues raised by the LBDCC, including the dog park, tailgaiting, construction impacts on the community, event programming, pedestrian and vehicle traffic flows, connections to bicycle and pedestrian trails, public art in the ballpark, and more.  Notably, the LBDCC played a critical role in the decision to add a second entrance on the east side of the ballpark.

The committee’s vision statements regarding art integration, ballpark programming, and the Lowertown neighborhood are available here.

Meeting schedule

The meeting schedule, agenda, and minutes for LBDCC meetings are available on the Capitol River Council website.