CHS Field public art finalists announced

The CHS Field Public Art Selection Committee have selected three finalists for the CHS Field public art program.  To determine the finalists, the selection committee evaluated submissions from 133 artists from 30 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Italy.  The committee will interview the three finalists and select the final artist next week.

The finalists include:

  •  Joe O’Connell | Blessing Hancock (Tucson, Arizona)
    The O’Connell | Hancock aesthetic is defined by “meaningful interactivity” that employs technology to invite the public to transform the artwork.  Their work is not static but demands repeat encounters and shared exploration.  It develops by moving from conceptual to the material and back again – working through an iterative process with extensive prototyping – pushing the boundaries of existing fabrication practices.
  •  Kipp Kobayashi (Claremont, California)
    “Sporting events are powerful social catalysts, drawing together a broad spectrum of individuals by focusing on their combined interests.  They can connect us across culture or class and bring together those from different generations.  They can make us appear as one group, speak with one voice, even feel with one heart, and while they sometimes put us on opposing sides, they inspire us, touch us, and make us believe.  As a sports fan myself, I want to be part of that dialogue and to feel connected to the games, while as an artist, I aspire to look for ways to make those connections more tangible.”
  •  FUTURES NORTH:  John Kim | Adam Marcus | Molly Reichert | Daniel Dean (Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN)
    “The CHS Field project poses a unique set of challenges both in terms of the existing design and history of the location and also the communities that will frequent the ballpark.  We are interested in constructing work that references the architectural styles and construction materials of the neighborhood; and we strive to create a stunning addition that will not only draw the attention of first-time visitors, but also be compelling enough that community members will want to make return visits.”

The 10-member selection committee is chaired by local artist James Garrett Jr. of the Lowertown design practice, 4RM+ULA.  Other members of the committee include representatives from the City of Saint Paul, Ryan Companies, the St. Paul Saints, the CHS Field Design and Construction Committee (LBDCC), the Capitol River Council, the Saint Paul Artist in Residence program, the Saint Paul Public Art Ordinance program, the Saint Paul Art Collaborative, and the Minnesota Museum of Art.

The chosen artist will collaborate with the ballpark design team and the LBDCC to develop design schemes for the public art installation.  General public input of the design schemes will be solicited via online polling and will help guide the final art installation.

The CHS Field public art program is the first of many opportunities for artists to be involved in the ballpark project.  Additional opportunities will be announced in the future.